Welcome at the Cer-Maz's website

Our company has been on the market since 2003. We run a family business producing hand-painted artistic crockery in Bolesławiec. We use stamps to decorate our products or we paint it with a brush. There is a variety of patterns and decorations to choose from. Moreover, the offer is constantly being broadened. All our products are to be used in high temperatures in ovens or in microwaves. There is neither cadmium nor lead in them.
Our staff are very professional and well-qualified as all the people employed had worked in different companies producing pottery before joining Cer-Maz. That is why our products are of such a good quality.
What is more, our prices are very moderate. If you have your own ideas we can produce something specially for you. Our clients are invited to share their ideas with us.

We welcome your cooperation!

Production of ceramic product
Christopher Mazurek